Can AI make your business far more intelligent?

Can AI make your business far more intelligent?


In today’s hyper-driven consumer market, using AI right can be a daunting task. According, to a recent Gartner survey, 37% of organisations are still looking to define their AI strategies, while 35% are struggling to identify suitable use cases. Take for instance the experience paradigm shift, where B2B became the new B2C, and attention, became the new currency ––where your customers are increasingly looking for, if not expecting a personable, authentic, and seamless experience, for every interaction, across devices, on the go.

Can AI and machine learning enhance your digital brand and product experiences?

Can AI help your customers discover products faster?

Can AI drive up conversions and ultimately boost sales?

According to a recent survey of global brands, only 4% of respondents had deployed AI. AI can do a lot more than just help your business move smart.

Learn. Learn. Learn: Leveraging the availability of data
Data is where it all starts. The interconnectedness, like a child, the machine keeps learning. Now more than ever, companies like yours need to react quicker, best using data, from all prior customer service interactions, calls, and feedback, to visual data, so you can better deliver what your customer is looking for. And it’s no surprise that customers are delighted when they find exactly what they are looking for.

FACT: Data is one of the cornerstones of any AI process. skims through every available product data source –– to ensure that your customers have a great experience finding the right product, and your teams have access to precision marketing insights, closing the gap between discovery and checkout.

Deploying AI’s competitive advantage NOW!

Gartner estimates that by 2020, deploying Virtual Customer Assistance (VCA) technology will be a priority for more than 30% of global brands. At we believe that these VCA deployments will not be just to address order related or delivery related questions but can be used more strategically towards answering product questions from customers accelerating their path to conversions.

FACT:For a leading European woman fashion brand selling premium hosiery garments, answers questions ranging from “Are there push buttons at the crotch?“, “Will these hide my veins and scars?” to “I don’t know my size, can you help?”. As the questions get curiouser and curiouser, it’s easy to see why the customer experience is being consistently rewired, and evolved. Overall, consistently answers more than 1000 product questions and discovers more than 400 new and unique questions a month allowing this brand to continuously enrich its product catalog while ensuring a differentiated online experience for its customers.

Dispelling the myths: It is difficult to deploy AI now!

There is a common belief that to deploy AI, brands and their teams require a long-term commitment and immense hard work that can be a strain on their current existent resources. In addition, the cost will go through the roof, making the ROI story daunting for the brand. addresses these issues, dispelling myths, so brands like yours can adopt the best technologies that Artificial Intelligence companies of today offer. From that sense, it is really a game-changer and has recently completed two end-to-end AI platform deployments within just 4-6 weeks per brand. Further, if you are a brand with presence in multiple markets, new country rollout after the initial onboarding is done in a matter of days.

Here is what a Global Fortune 500 brand had to say about “we found working with the AskSid team a really positive experience. AskSid quickly got up to speed with what we were trying to achieve, creating an excellent user journey that demonstrated our brand is the most helpful brand and improving the conversion of our website. The pace to launch was fantastic with development from top-line user journey to live tool in approximately six weeks. Post-launch and throughout the team were highly responsive to any requests with new use cases developed at pace and their team quickly felt like an extension of our own team”

The magic lies in the platform architecture that is highly scalable, secure and algorithms that can handle multiple languages and multiple channels. That’s really the best of AI SAAS. For more information about the platform and how we do things so fast and at such scale, please reach us at We will love to start a conversation!

The Hidden Opportunity: intelligence is needed everywhere

By 2020: 20% of citizens in developed nations will use AI assistants to help them with an array of everyday, operational tasks. 3

Right now, the most common mistake business leaders make with Enterprise AI is to focus on automation rather than on augmentation of human decision making and interactions and the varied applications of artificial intelligence. According to a Vice President of a renowned global research firm, we need to look at how we are using technology today during critical interactions with customers — business moments — and consider how the value of those moments could be increased.

Take for instance platform component Switch-Sid that hands off the customer conversation to a human agent at the right time to close a sale. Basically, the VCA works hard to engage 100% of the website traffic and seamlessly lands warm and qualified leads to agents to convert as is evident from the Fortune 500 brand in UK where this is already operational.

Many Marketeers have not yet realised the full potential of AI-based virtual customer advisors, including chatbots. The ability to sense what the customer needs and serve exactly that – that’s intelligence. The revolution has begun! helps brands achieve their larger goals, going beyond ROI –– enabling enterprise to save money, grow revenue, increase operational efficiency, innovate products, personalise the experience, deliver delight and most importantly, be in the business of being far more intelligent. 

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